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CE 501: The Learning-Teaching Process

Meet Your Teacher


Hi, my name is Calvin Chong. Some of you wonder how you should call me - is it Calvin? Mr Chong? Dr Chong? Rev Chong? When my wife and I were running the pre-school program at our church, she was the more well known personality around and some even called me Uncle Cheh (it sounds terrible - almost like Mr Elizabeth Taylor, or Mr Pamela Anderson).

Well, my answer for many years has been call me whatever you feel comfortable, but make sure it is contextually appropriate. For now, Dr Chong and Rev Chong is out. Calvin or Mr Chong is fine. Uncle Cal or Uncle Cheh makes my wife feel too old so I'd advice against that.

I have been in several educational institutions both as a student as well as as a teacher. My journey began at the Anglo-Chinese Junior school, and after I completed my JC education at Anglo-Chinese Junior college, went on to be a sailor with the Singapore Navy. After my National Service, I went to NUS to read linguistics and philosophy, went on to do a graduate diploma in Education, taught in ACS for two years before Cheh and I got married and in the same year enrolled in theological studies at the London Bible College. After LBC, I read for my Master of Theology (OT) degree at King's College London, a place which if you have read the Da Vinci Code, is mentioned as a place which Langdon rushed in to use its electronic data bases.

After my MTh, I taught at Redcliffe College in West London for the better part of a year before returning to teach at the Discipleship Training Centre, Singapore. After two years, I moved to SBC where I taught six years and served as Director of Admissions for the final two of the six years.

The last four years has been spent working on my PhD in Educational Studies degree at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. I am presently at the final stage of the program and working to complete my dissertation which explores the different factors which contribute to online pedagogical interactions in a blended learning experience at a Singaporean seminary.

Well here I am, back at SBC and thankful for the opportunity and the platform to serve the church in the ministry of teaching.

I hope that intro about myself provides a window into my life. I'll see you in class or online!

Calvin Chong

One of the joys of my life is having opportunities to listen to the narratives that students bring with them to the teaching learning experience. I trust that our narratives will intersect as we cross paths in both formal and informal learning settings.

You probably figured it out already...I am a firm believer of relational epistemology!

Office hours:  9am - 5 pm (Mon - Fri)
Office location: Room 7110
Office Phone: 6559-1555 x 7125

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