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CE 501: The Learning-Teaching Process

Introduction to the course


If you take a quick survey, the obvious categories will surface: the content, the teacher, the student, fellow students, the environment. Each however does not exist in isolation from the other but are related to each other contextually in interconnected webs of relationships. It is within this inter-relational web that educational structures, processes, participants, agents, avatars, agendas, artifacts, media, spaces, goals, values, aspirations angst, and assumption are found.

This class therefore is a journey into discovering the different variables involved in teaching-learning interactions. More important, it is about discovering assumptions and values upon which these interactions are built.

Finally, it is about putting theoretical understanding into practice in ministry contexts where I trust we will serve as skilful teachers and informed facilitators of learning as expressions of our service to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Events and Announcements
Updated 3/20/00

Don't forget, we're taking a trip to the Museum of Fine Arts on March 22. You won't need to bring a lunch, but you must have your permission slip signed and with you when you get on the bus.

Assignment 4 is not due until April 3 (instead of March 31).


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A class web site can be a creative way of getting students excited about a subject, keeping them up to date on assignments, and providing them with valuable online resources. Because a class site should be engaging, I'll present information that makes the subject interesting and fun, such as brain teasers or polls about current events. Of course, I'll want to include plenty of links so students can explore a wealth of ideas on the web.

I'll post the answers on the "Class Bulletin Board" page.

Meet the Challenge!

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Life in the Spirit lives out the nobility of God (Ellen Charry)

Last week's answer: 4
Last week's winner: Brad

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