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A seminary educator in Singapore

Reflections on contemporary society
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Technology in the age of convergence
This is the age of technological convergence where the many functions of technological devices are increasingly converged into single devices. So whereas in the past we used to have standalone telephones, TVs, radios, stereo systems, cameras, VCRs, VCDs, video game consoles, computers, etc, the functions of all these devices are being converged into single devices.

In addition to convergence, we note that our technological devices are portable. So whereas in the past we used to have only point to point networking, now we have point-to-person, person-to-point, and person-to-person networking.

Take a portable device like Sony's PSP or the Blackberry or the Palm Treo 650.

* How have these transformed society?

* What social and behavioral implications are held out in the age of convergence?

* What are the dominant, influential metaphors and narratives now present in Singapore society which are carried by these devices?

* What is the promise and peril of living at the intersection of the global and the local?

* What implications are held out for the church and Christian education in contemporary Singapore society?

* What are the implication of this emergent reality for theological reflection in Singapore?

Convergent technology in postconservative S'pore
What are the implications of devices like this for the church in Singapore? Share your thots!

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The church infects the culture with truths, not trends. -Leonard Sweet in Postmodern pilgrim, p47