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A seminary educator in Singapore

PBL scenarios

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PBL Scenarios

Scenario One

A Primary Six student finished Sunday School last week and was really excited about the class. His teacher was a wonderful teacher who knew how to engage the class in lively discussions and innovative teaching methods. This week he taught the class about death and how they did not have to be afraid after they died.

At Sunday lunch he excitedly related the lesson to his mom. As she listened to him recall the lesson which apparently was taught using an interesting Powerpoint presentation, she showed her first tinge of concern. The lesson was about children being like raindrops merging into a pool and how the great merge occasioned new beginnings for the rain drop.

"Did you say that Uncle Seng based that Powerpoint presentation on something he found on a website?" mom asked. "Yes," the boy repied. "I remember the title was Raindrop. It was by a person called Terry Beard and there was something on the first slide that mentioned death education for children."

Mom surfed the Internet and found the site. When she read through what was found in that website, she felt very uncomfortable that something like that could be taught in an evangelical church.

1. Take some time to visit and study the Raindrop site.

2. In your groups, discuss the issues involved in the problem scenario.

3. If you were the mother, what would you do?

4. If you were the pastor of the church and word came to you, what would you do?

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