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A seminary educator in Singapore

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Calvin Chong @ Singapore Bible College

This opening text needs to be edited. I'm too tired to do it now....

As a seminary educator situated in a fast track Asian nation, I am painfully aware of the profound changes taking place in Singapore society. Tom Hawkins once wrote that the church needs to be like a young person with white hair. It must retain the enduring and unchanging gospel which was announced to the church so many years ago, and yet for it to remain incarnational, the church needs to change and be sensitive to emergent contextual realities.

While theological institutions have physical presence in the form of physical buildings and infrastructure, but often do not have well developed digital presence and infrastructure.

In the information age, the digital world is increasingly being acknowledged as an irrevocable reality of life. Building this website is thus an attempt on the part one faculty member at building digital structures and establishing digital presence on the Web. It is also a statement recognizing that theological institutions in Singapore should be less stand alone and that they should enlarge their networks beyond traditional stakeholders, but to begin to network with each other in meaningful partnerships.

One former student once put it: "The Internet represents the new Roman roads of our day. Just as ideas were diffused and the Gospel rapidly transmitted via the Roman roads, digital infrastructure connects people in ways which have profound effect on everyday life." If digital roads can help the body of Christ build bridges and encourage exchanges involving an expanded ecosystem of collaborative and respectful exchange,

This website has been started as a serious attempt to address some of the issues suggested above. It is an attempt to live faithfully to the Lord and yet to live in the moment. I recognize the significant contextual variables which are shaping the hears and minds of our people in Singapore and especially the that of our young people.

What are the primary metaphors and narratives which shape the deepest sub-conscious values of a new generation of youngsters in our churches? How can we live faithfully to the Lord in such a society?

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Keep me safe, O God, for in you I take refuge. I said to the LORD , "You are my Lord; apart from you I have no good thing." (Ps 16:1-2)

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